Lindy’s 2012 College Football Preview

One of the rites of Memorial Day weekend is the release of Lindy’s College Football Preview magazine.   It’s always the first and in my opinion, the best of the college football preview magazines.  Here is their Top 25.

1. LSU 2. USC 3. Alabama 4. Oklahoma 5. Oregon 6. Georgia 7. Michigan 8. Florida State 9. Arkansas 10. West Virginia 11. South Carolina 12. Michigan State 13. Clemson 14. Ohio State 15. TCU 16. Oklahoma State 17. Wisconsin 18. Virginia Tech 19. Texas 20. Florida 21. Stanford 22. Kansas State 23. Louisville 24. Boise State 25. Nebraska

Taking stock, I’m selling the following teams:

  • USC – As good as Barkley is (and I thought he was every bit as good as Luck last season) I don’t trust Kiffin with this USC outfit.  At the very least USC is not as good as Oregon and they’re thin.
  • Michigan – Hard to see Michigan winning 10 games with their schedule.
  • Florida State – Just as last season FSU enters 2012 as the most overhyped squad.  FSU will win games in the ACC but what makes them any different than the past decade.  FSU is loaded with talented position players (usually a formula for overrated teams) but graduated four of their five starts from the O-Line.
  • Clemson –See Florida State.  Clemson lost four of their five O-Line starters from 2011.

BUY – Oregon, Ohio State, Boise State

Notre Dame – Lindy’s has ND ranked #33 in the nation which given the schedule, and the fact they list Rees as QB1, is not unreasonable.  Here is what they said, “With an unsettled QB position, Notre Dame takes on one of the nation’s toughest schedules with games against Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, Stanford, Oklahoma and USC.  Kelly says eight-win seasons are not the standard that is set at Notre Dame, but the Irish would do well to match that number this season.”



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4 responses to “Lindy’s 2012 College Football Preview

  1. Sean Breslin

    I’m hoping you’re wrong about FSU, but I’m done defending them until they actually do something.

  2. theaccreport

    Sean – As a Notre Dame fan, I more than know the feeling. FSU and ND are very similar in that regard. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. daldevs

    Re: FSU
    Do some research man

  4. theaccreport

    Daldevs – Per your advice, I did more research on FSU. I like them even less now.
    -FSU regressed in wins and statistics in 2011 against a forgiving ACC schedule.
    -Their run offense was alarmingly bad. FSU ranked 104th in the nation in rushing averaging only 112 yards per game.
    -Out of 120 teams, FSU finished 118th in penalties per game.

    FSU has top ten talent on paper, but I see a soft and undisciplined unit that will finish far from where they start in the rankings. Thanks for posting.

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